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15 Best Books For Your Baby’s Library

November 20, 2017

As soon as your baby arrives into the world, reading to them should be a must! I distinctly remember the pediatrician at our fourth appointment asking if we had incorporated reading time into our daily routine and telling her, “We are still trying to get through a proper sleeping schedule.” It wasn’t long before the guilt settled in, and I began cracking open the books my boyfriend and I had gathered for the nursery library.
I had to stop myself from buying every book from the shelves at Target, but I narrowed my options. I knew I only wanted classic books that even I had read as a baby or a book that had an educational purpose or meaning (anything outside those categories could wait). So, down below are fifteen books we swear by and would recommend you to read to your little one(s) if you haven’t already!


1.  Are You My Mother?

A hatched baby bird sets off to find his mother and meets other animals along the way. The book is small but uses simple words and illustrations to express an important message; newborns instinctively need their mother’s presence and physical contact in order to help build their bond. Every time I read the reunion between the two to Drew I get emotional because it resonates with me. It’s definitely a classic and overall cute book that could also be given as a baby shower gift.

2. Baby Faces

A book for babies to learn all the different facial expressions people can make and it helps encourage babies to learn about shapes and colors. This book has been extremely helpful when teaching Drew my facial expressions so he can learn to detect human emotions based on their facial expressions.

3. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

This is such a helpful book for toddlers because it teaches them about animals and colors all in one book. The repetition from early on will help toddlers memorize and eventually read the book on their own.

4. Dear Zoo

A classic story about animals hidden beneath flaps that children can discover by flipping the flaps. It entertains so many children especially if you’re reading it to a number of kids.

5. Eyes, Nose, Fingers, and Toes

You can’t go wrong with a book that teaches a child in a fun way all the parts of the body, their purpose, and movement!

6. First 100 Words

Every parent gets excited when their child shouts their first word. Well, this is perfect for babies six months and older because they’ll learn essential words and colors from this vivid board book.

7. Global Babies

I don’t know about you, but I think its crucial for my son to learn about diversity early on. This book is powerful in that it highlights babies from different cultural backgrounds. If you want to celebrate diversity and instill cultural competence in your child then this book ought to help start that!

  8. Goodnight Moon

A simple classic that I read as a little one and still cherish today. A great bed-time story for babies to listen to and for toddlers to physically point at the objects being referenced in the book.

9. Love You Forever

A beautiful story that makes me cry whenever I read it to Drew. A mother expressing her unconditional love to her child while rocking him. Its definitely a good cry book for the parents, but if you read it often to your little one, they’ll remember those moments with time.

10. Moo, Baa, La La La!

A fun-filled story for any age really! A silly read aloud story that will have your children learning the sounds of all popular animals.

11. Numbers Colors Shapes

A vivid board book filled with endless pictures of numbers, shapes, and colors for babies to learn and recognize. be prepared to have your child stuck on one page for several minutes before continuing to the next!

12. Pat the Bunny

A touch-and-feel book offers your little one a playful time. You can expect to see them smile as they begin exploring their five senses. Its fun to read aloud to them, but it is even more fun to see their giddiness when asked to interact with the actual illustrations.

13. Press Here

I was skeptical about this plain looking book until I realized how much imagination truly takes place. It involves the parents as well as the child’s participation to make this an enjoyable read. There is so much one learns from simple colors, patterns, and movement. A modern and innovative must buy!

14. The Wonderful Things You Will Be

A beautiful message in the title of the book alone. A wonderful and humorous read for kids of all ages— I think. It is beautifully written and illustrated. Parents especially will feel a sentimental feeling when reading this to their little one(s) because it captures the feelings we get when we look at our child and wonder about who they’ll be and what they’ll achieve.

15. What Do You Do With An Idea?

This book I have not seen in many places, but the powerful message conveyed was more than enough for me to give it a go. It highlights how no idea is too big or too small, to encourage the expansion of an idea and watch the idea blossom to something much bigger and tangible.


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