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5 Holiday Gift Ideas For Mom

November 29, 2017

One of the most celebrated holidays is just around the corner, everyone! People have officially begun their Christmas shopping. If you are a busy-bee like myself, then you do not have time to be waiting in lines to purchase your gifts so online-shopping is your go-to.

For me personally, shopping for my mother overwhelms me because she now has everything she’s ever wanted in life. The materialistic gifts I’ve ever given her become meaningless with time and collect dust on her shelves. Well, this year, I’m going for a more sentimental gift. has amazing handmade, creative, and personalized gifts that are perfect for all mothers around the world. Go ahead and check out the five personalized gifts you might want to buy and gift for your lovely momma this upcoming Christmas holiday (you’re welcome in advance)!

1. Engraved Necklace

A beautifully engraved necklace with a personalized message in your own handwriting! It can’t get more special than that. Imagine how happy your mother would be if she had a necklace with a meaningful message in your own writing or a symbol of your choosing?

2. Personalized Prints

A handmade burlap print that can have any custom saying on it. A print with your mother’s children’s birth dates would be thoughtful and once it is framed, it would be so precious hung on a mantel somewhere in the home.

3. Ceramic Coffee Mug 

If your mother is a coffee enthusiast then a new mug would be the perfect gift to keep her at the top of her coffee game! You can personalize the ceramic coffee mug with whatever creative quote you’d like to have printed, and it is that simple.

4. Silhouette Portraits

A framed silhouette print of your nuclear family on the wall would make your mother extremely proud. It is a creative twist to the old-fashion “family tree” diagram.

5. Pallet Wood Sign  

In this digital era, many people take photos and never get them printed anymore. Well, how about a beautiful portrait displayed on a wooden pallet sign? Your mother could hang the sign anywhere in her home and smile every time she sees the hanging portrait. A timeless gift with a captured moment in time.

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