The Millennial Mom Times

About Me

Hi there! My name is Jess. I am a working millennial mom from Central Jersey who has wanted to have her own blogging website for many years now. I have an adventurous, blonde-haired boy named Drew, who is currently in his toddler stage of life. He is every bit like his father but attached to me at the hip (literally too) like he ought to be. We have expanded our family by adding a new member to our tribe. We welcomed our daughter Jade in July. She is content and just beginning to show us her personality.

I think being a mother has given me the opportunity to turn my blogging website dream into a reality because I have content with meaning. I’m hoping my fair share of experiences, knowledge, wisdom, and creativity can help other millennial parents on this crazy Earth we call home.

Aside from being a passionate blogger and writer, I do have a job I report to every single day; I’m an employee for a community college in my state. I currently help students academically, but I also help them receive or maintain financial aid. I earned a bachelor’s degree in social work, which has given me the opportunity to work in higher education for the very first time. I quite enjoy working with students one-on-one, and maybe I’ll return to school and receive my master’s degree in higher education or administration.

My site will mostly be a personal blog filled with many relatable experiences, DIY crafts, lifestyle and food, but also topics I’m most passionate about. These topics include but are not limited to parenting tips, breastfeeding, product reviews, DIY crafts, and more! My goal is to educate other parents, as well as use my social media platforms to create and establish a sense of community where we can all connect. So, please join me on this new journey!