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An Affordable DIY Baby Easter Basket

April 21, 2019

Easter time is today, which means grocery stores have filled up their bargain aisles with cheap or (by now) completely reduced items to fill your kids’ Easter basket(s). If you are on a budget or want to save your money (like I always do), then set a budget for yourself and stick to it. Also, you’ll want to think of some Easter basket gift ideas so you can go into the store knowing what you’ll want to buy ahead of time.

There are so many themed DIY Easter basket ideas for kids like fun in the sun necessities, book worm lover, bath-time splash, or even a movie inspired Easter basket.

I’m posting this the day of Easter, which was not my intention. I hoped to have posted this yesterday, but motherhood consumed all of my time. However, I know some step-parents, such as myself, will see their kids after the (holiday) weekend so I know for some of you, there is still time to create an Easter basket for the kid(s) you will see later on.

For this year, I created my daughter’s first Easter basket. I am so happy with how it turned out. I did not want to create an Easter basket based on a specific theme though. I knew for this year, I would grab knick knack items from Dollar Tree, Target’s dollar spot, and Walmart’s seasonal aisle. My daughter, just like my son, barely plays with her more expensive toys. I told myself I would set a budget of fifteen dollars.

Her basket was very inexpensive and affordable for anyone looking to throw miscellaneous items together for their rugrat in a very cute basket. If you have not yet seen my toddler’s DIY Easter basket, then check that out after you finish reading this post!

His Easter basket is personalized (purchased three years ago) with his name and Jade’s basket was not a custom buy. I got her basket from Walmart, and it is still a peck-styled basket, which I love. Maybe for next year’s holiday, I will decorate her basket as well and add her name.

Anyway, I selected miscellaneous items that I knew my daughter would appreciate, but these items are dirt cheap that if they were to ever break or get lost, then I could easily replace.

I will provide my Amazon Easter Inspired Gift Ideas link so you can view the items there as well.


Sock Monkey Baby
Rubber Bath Ducky
Mini Doodle Board
Poop Stress Ball Emoji
Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Toy
Easter Inspired Board Book

You can include a fun snack or candy product in your baby’s basket. It does depend how old your baby is though. My daughter is nine months celebrating Easter with two little teeth. She eats everything, but we will not be giving her candy so we did not include that. I could have included a healthy snack, but I simply opted out of food. I know some parents have included puree pouches from the Peter Rabbits Organics company. I saw some at Target and almost bought one to store in my daughter’s Easter Basket!

I included all the products in my Amazon’s Easter Inspired Gift Ideas so you can always check that list for prices. Although I purchased my items at a much lower cost so keep that in mind!

Lastly, please remember whatever things you purchased for your little one(s) or plan to buy last minute, just know they will love it all no matter what. I always try to remind my little ones that it is the thought that counts. It is all in the spirit of fun anyway!

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