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Baltic Essentials Amber Teething Necklace Product Review

November 1, 2018

My three month old daughter is teething earlier than I had expected and because she has begun having symptoms of drooling, sucking her knuckles, and fussiness, I decided to have her wear her very first Baltic Amber teething necklace from Baltic Essentials.

I was unfamiliar with baltic amber, but I knew a lot of other mothers raving about these necklaces that I saw so many children wearing.

Baltic Essentials was so kind enough to send my daughter Jade her eleven inch raw honey necklace.

If you do not know anything about baltic amber then know baltic amber has been used for centuries for its healing properties. It has an active compound called succinct acid that assists in pain relief. So, essentially, baltic amber is an anti-inflammation relief for all teething symptoms such as fever, aches and pains, drooling, swelling, stress, etc. If you have arthritis or carpal tunnel, baltic amber would be a useful source for your natural pain management! Baltic Essentials does offer products for all ages.

I was very skeptical at first because there are many companies out there claiming their baltic amber necklaces are the real deal, but luckily, in our packaging, we received a certificate of authenticity, which guarantees that Baltic Essentials’ products are made with genuine baltic amber.

Baltic Essentials sent us our teething necklace and less than a week, it arrived. It arrived so quickly, I was impressed. I’m always delighted when my packages arrive on time, and their company was and has been nothing short of courteous and professional.

Our delivered necklace came with instructions, and they ask all customers to preform a safety check. So I went ahead and checked the beads on the necklace to see if any were missing, cracked, or broken. Then the instructions asked to make sure the clasp on the necklace opened properly and was in good shape.

I appreciate a company that takes the time to make informative brochures for their customers because those forms will be our go-to for how to properly use the product, what red flags (if any) to be aware of, how to care for the product, and when to use the product.

That leads me to mention that the necklace is for day wear only. It should be removed before bedtime and the day wear is enough to hold the baby through the night without any issues of discomfort. I’m happy I read that because I would have kept my daughter wearing it for fear of her crying from pain in the middle of the night.

The necklace itself is stunning. I think the raw honey was a perfect color to choose for my daughter. It is gender neutral, and the beads are small, round, and very smooth. The eleven inch appeared too small for her neck until I tried it on. It was not too loose that she would want to play with it and put in her mouth (NOT recommended by their standards) but not too tight where it is a choking hazard. If you were to order one and feel uncomfortable about a necklace on your baby then you can put the necklace on their ankle.

My daughter does not wear her necklace for very long during the day, but she has worn it enough that I have noticed a couple of differences. The first being that she does not pass gas. My daughter is a very gassy baby! She also does not grunt or whine, which is a win for me as a mother. Jade has her moments when she wants to whine, and with the necklace on, she does not whine at all. I like to think she is not feeling any sort of pain so she is content. As for the drooling, she does not drool either, but she sucks her fingers like crazy (not something the necklace can work its magic on though).

Do I recommend this product? Absolutely. I think baltic amber has the properties to be a great source of natural pain management, and Baltic Essentials has created a beautiful and well crafted necklace for all teething babies. They do have other sizes too, so once Jade gets bigger, I can buy her a different sized necklace.

This product would be a great gift to give a first-time mother (probably include the brochure for added information) to save her long days of a crying baby or to a mother who is complaining about their upset little one. You never know— a baltic amber teething necklace might just be the perfect remedy to soothe an unhappy baby! After all, Baltic Essentials claims that for teething, fussiness, and red cheeks, one should see relief within thirty minutes! That’s nothing on mommy-time! If it is for colic and reflux, then expect one to two weeks.

So, I do give this product a five star and recommend others to check out Baltic Essentials’ products.

Please check them out at their website and thank you once again, Baltic Essentials for sending us your amber necklace!

Also, they have a FREE eBook at and down below I will provide their social medial channels!

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