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Red Beet and Kale Smoothie

I'm in my second trimester so it is important that I include nutritious foods in my diet to prevent any birth defects in my infant I incorporate a smoothie into my every day meal by blending fruits [...] more

Chickpea & Cauliflower Flatbread with Avocado

Avocado-toast is all the rage right now It is such a healthy option that makes for a very quick and delicious treat Its super trendy to have a creamy avocado toast for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a [...] more

3 Incredible Uses for Coconut Oil

Growing up, my step-father would tell me coconut oil was the one single product that solved numerous problems You can use it to cook, hydrate your skin, and massage warm coconut oil into your hair I [...] more

Pineapple Banana Kale Smoothie

I've been making smoothies every single morning! I'm always on the go, and smoothies are an easy way to get quality nutrition for my body Today, I share with you my go-to kale recipe that I've fallen [...] more

My 2018 New Year Resolutions

Before I dive right into my New Year Resolutions for this new year, I want to wish everyone a very happy new year! I apologize for not writing for over a month, but I needed to take time for myself [...] more

Toddler’s First Tree: Target’s Lumberjack Themed Addition

It's beginning to look and feel a lot like Christmas now that we've begun decorating our small home! Target is the best store to go to for holiday decor because it never disappoints when you're in [...] more

12 Days Of Christmas Activities

It is December everyone and that means it is finally time to get into the holiday spirit! As a new mom, I'm looking forward to spending the holidays with my son, creating new memories, and [...] more

5 Holiday Gift Ideas For Mom

One of the most celebrated holidays is just around the corner, everyone! People have officially begun their Christmas shopping If you are a busy-bee like myself, then you do not have time to be [...] more