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The Challenge Is In the Moment So I Took the Plunge

I haven’t been able to make this space a priority like I had hoped, and that truly saddens me because once upon a time, I wanted nothing more than to write for my website It is hard to dedicate [...] more

IKEA Play Kitchen Remodel

For a couple of weeks, I had been thinking constantly about getting Little Drew and Jade a play kitchen Even before birthing my children, I knew the play kitchen I would get when the time was [...] more

An Affordable DIY Baby Easter Basket

Easter time is today, which means grocery stores have filled up their bargain aisles with cheap or (by now) completely reduced items to fill your kids’ Easter basket(s) If you are on a budget or [...] more

An Affordable DIY Toddler Easter Basket

Easter time is tomorrow, which means grocery stores are filling up their bargain aisles with cheap or (by now) reduced items to fill your kids’ Easter basket(s) If you are on a budget or want to [...] more

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers from Instagram

I recently posted on my Instagram story a photo, asking my viewers to direct message me any questions they had wanted to ever ask me I got some interesting and fun questions to answer for a Q + A [...] more

Matchstick Monkey Product Review

My three month old is in the beginning stages of teething Crazy, right My oldest didn’t begin teething until seven months! I just noticed a lot of drooling and needing to force her knuckles and [...] more

Easy DIY Toddler Scarecrow Costume

My toddler dressed as a scarecrow for Halloween last year An easy DIY costume done by yours trulyAs a DIY mother, I made a promise to make all of my children's costumes for Halloween His first [...] more

HM-TECH Wooden Magnetic Train Alphabet Set Product Review

We received a wooden magnetic train alphabet set from HM-TECH this week, and my toddler was super thrilled to open up the package and begin playing with his new toyHM-TECH was a wonderful company [...] more