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IKEA Play Kitchen Remodel

For a couple of weeks, I had been thinking constantly about getting Little Drew and Jade a play kitchen Even before birthing my children, I knew the play kitchen I would get when the time was [...] more

EverJoyn Baby Teething Bundle Review

My three month old daughter received her EverJoyn Baby Teething Bundle because she is teething much earlier than expectedEvery day I have to give her something to distract her from sucking on her [...] more

Baltic Essentials Amber Teething Necklace Product Review

My three month old daughter is teething earlier than I had expected and because she has begun having symptoms of drooling, sucking her knuckles, and fussiness, I decided to have her wear her very [...] more

Matchstick Monkey Product Review

My three month old is in the beginning stages of teething Crazy, right My oldest didn’t begin teething until seven months! I just noticed a lot of drooling and needing to force her knuckles and [...] more

HM-TECH Wooden Magnetic Train Alphabet Set Product Review

We received a wooden magnetic train alphabet set from HM-TECH this week, and my toddler was super thrilled to open up the package and begin playing with his new toyHM-TECH was a wonderful company [...] more

Top 4 Organic Baby Food Pouches

I’ve been giving Drew purees from pouches since he was six months old and now, he is a toddler consuming one pouch a day Drew was exclusively nursed from the start, but at six months, I decided to [...] more

15 Best Books For Your Baby’s Library

As soon as your baby arrives into the world, reading to them should be a must! I distinctly remember the pediatrician at our fourth appointment asking if we had incorporated reading time into our [...] more