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DIY Mini Valentine’s Day Photo Shoot

February 20, 2018

Happy Valentine’s Day from my family to you! As a new momma, I look forward to this holiday more so than any other. I get to celebrate this day by showing my appreciation for my son in very creative ways. Last year, when Drew was a baby, I had him in his diaper and marked his entire body in red kisses. It was so beautiful, and it has been one of my favorite framed photos of him.

This year, however, he is a bit older so I needed to be more realistic with my ideas. I knew he would not sit still in any set up I made with props. Also, I knew it would have to be on his terms and not mine. Therefore, I knew I would need to take the photos outside where he could run and smile for the camera without being asked to. Sadly, this year, we got sick the week of Valentine’s Day so we had to postpone the mini outdoor photo session. Lucky for us, the weather cooperated and it was sunny and warm when we took the photos outdoors.

So for this year, I had in mind re-creating part of last year’s photo theme, which was the red kisses from his momma. I’ll be honest, I wanted to kiss him again and take a butt naked photo of him for this year’s photo, but I decided against it.

Here is last year’s photo:

Do you understand now why I would want to recreate this photo with him older but butt naked?

The decision behind keeping him clothed was that I wanted a full body shot of him for one, but also, he is a toddler now, and I wanted that to show. If this is a tradition I am going to do every year, I want his physical growth to show in every photo I have hanging on the wall.

I wanted to incorporate the kiss marks like I mentioned before so I had to be creative. I thought– okay, I want him holding balloons that are red and pink. How can I have kisses of mine in the photo? Then BAM. It hit me. I purchased white balloons and used my handy-dandy Revlon’s Ruby Red lipstick and kissed the white balloons. Yes, I kissed them delicately and gently so the marks would not smear.

Drew is only twenty months so he is not going to know to hold on to the balloons. I was worried he’d let go of the string and watch the balloons fly away. So, I had his dad tie the string around his wrist.

Check out my favorite photos from the shoot:

I hope you enjoyed these photos just as much as I did. There was so much love to show in these photos. I’m already looking forward to next year’s beautiful idea.

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