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Easy DIY Toddler Scarecrow Costume

October 22, 2018

My toddler dressed as a scarecrow for Halloween last year. An easy DIY costume done by yours truly.

As a DIY mother, I made a promise to make all of my children’s costumes for Halloween. His first year, my son was a Baby Harry Potter, but last year, I wanted him to be an adorable, homemade scarecrow and not the one from the Wizard of Oz.


Overalls— I got the OshKosh B’Gosh Boys’ Overalls because they seem the most ‘worn down’ for the look I was going for. However, you can always check at your local thrift store like Goodwill for any overalls that will fit your child.

Burlap  A fabric of one yard made of 100% jute.

Glue gun A basic glue gun will do the job with the sticks (you’ll definitely need more than one).

Raffia– This is a great seasonal product because you can also use it to fill gift boxes, baskets, and floral arrangements.

Plaid Shirt– I wanted a ‘worn down’ looking flannel so this one is very close to the one my son wore! Also check out local thrift stores if you are not satisfied with any online!

Fabric– I went to my local craft store and got plaid fabric that would match the flannel.

Twine– Burlap jute twine for the hat will be helpful.


Red and Black Eyeliner


  • I cut out perfect squares of the flannel fabric that I bought (to match the flannel shirt) with perfect squares from the burlap to have them overlap. They were hot glued or safety pined down into the overalls. You can lay them anywhere you want. I placed some on my son’s hat and overalls.
  • I hot glued beige buttons onto the buttons that came with the overalls because it made for a more rustic, worn-down appearance (this is optional).
  • I cut a ton of raffia and then hot glued it to the inside bottoms of the jeans, inside of the sleeves, and shoved a couple in the front and back pockets.
  • I used left over flannel fabric to make a bandana for my toddler to wear around his neck (this is optional).
  • The shape of the hat was the most difficult. We used a construction cone to wrap burlap around to get the shape and then tied it down with jute twine and some hot glue to keep the form.
  • While my son slept, I painted a triangular nose on him, colored the inside red and the outline was in black.

I hope you enjoyed this easy and very adorable DIY scarecrow costume! I have more pictures of the finished costume down below. Please enjoy and share with everyone!

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