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EverJoyn Baby Teething Bundle Review

November 3, 2018

My three month old daughter received her EverJoyn Baby Teething Bundle because she is teething much earlier than expected.

Every day I have to give her something to distract her from sucking on her fingers all day long. Well, EverJoyn was so kind enough to send us their 6-IN-1 Baby Teething Bundle this past month.

The teething bundle contains six premium quality products, which are perfect for every infant:
1. teething mitten
2. teething bib with a robot teether attached to it
3. teething necklace for a parent to wear
4. teething pacifier clip
5. a squirrel teether toy (or unicorn— ours came with the squirrel)
6. hygienic travel bag

The products are made from the highest quality materials, one-hundred percent food grade silicone, and one-hundred percent pure cotton.

When it comes to teethers, it is very important that they are super soft and made out of silicone because it will be much more comfortable on a baby’s gums. So I was very pleased with the overall feel of the squirrel, robot, and necklace teethers.

These items all came in a beautiful green custom design box, which makes for a perfect gift for expecting or new mothers. If you know someone about to have a baby shower, you might just want to consider checking out EverJoyn because all you have to do is order the box, have it shipped to your home, and then wrap it or slip it in a gift bag!

We received a green box because my daughter’s name originates from the color green, and that is also my favorite color. Most importantly, green is a very gender neutral color. However, they offer teething bundles in blue and pink as well!

Out of all of the products in the box, my daughter really took to the baby teething mitten in the beginning. For the first couple of days, she immediately put the mitten right into her mouth, and I was worried she would cry. However, I realized she always had her right hand in her mouth so that was the hand I put the mitten on. She did not feel uncomfortable with it on. There is an adjustable velcro strap that prevents the mitten from falling off, but unfortunately, the mitten did slip off at times. We had it fully strapped on, and I would have to put it back on. I think it is because my daughter has really small wrists, but in order to keep it from slipping off, I would stuff her long sleeve inside the mitten, and it stayed on. So problem solved!


The second item she loved was the squirrel teething toy. It is so adorable! There was an option to attach it to the pacifier clip for quick and easy teething access, but my daughter just loved holding it. I did not need to teach her to put it in her mouth; she felt the softness of it and shoved it right into her mouth!

The remaining items (hygienic travel bag, teething necklace, pacifier clip, and bandana bib) I simply slipped in our diaper bag for emergencies. I got to use the bib with the attached robot on our way to the grocery store one evening and was impressed by how much spit up it was able to absorb before soaking up. My daughter spits up A LOT, and I always need two-three bibs on hand for back-ups, so I was happy to have stored it in the bag when I did.

So, do I recommend the 6-IN-1 Teething Bundle? Absolutely. There are so many great products to choose from for your baby. The quality is amazing, and they are safe too. A wonderful gift for new mothers because once they open up their wrapped bundle, they will love the cute packaging and have all the necessary items for their soon-to-be teething baby.

Thank you again, EverJoyn for collaborating with me. Obviously all options were my own.

Please go to to view all of their offered products, and I will provide their contact information to their social media channels down below!

Instagram: @everjoynofficial
Facebook: Everjoyn

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  1. Love this!! My baby girl is starting to teeth so I can’t wait to try this!!

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