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Guess Who’s Back, Back Again

September 19, 2019

If you’ve been someone who has read my blog religiously, you’ll notice that I went on a blogging break over the past few months. I wanted to return and write sooner, but I have struggled balancing motherhood, working full-time, and making time for myself. It was always easier to set aside this blog and prioritize other things that needed my immediate attention.

There is a lot I could be sharing about my experiences with motherhood. The real issue with that is actually committing to writing and being consistent. I’ll be honest—I’m way more active on Instagram so ‘not having the time’ is an excuse. The main reason I’ve decided to put Instagram and Instagram stories first (@millennialmomtimes) is because of the active audience on there. I’m a part of a community of mothers so I want to continue nurturing those relationships. I’m receiving success there so I want to continue making an active presence and building from there.

I don’t want to stop documenting aspects of my motherhood journey though– especially considering I pay ‘till this day for this site to continue running. I was thinking I could begin writing on here Saturday mornings when I’m already on my phone, scrolling aimlessly through Instagram, while sipping on my coffee. This site definitely does not have the bandwidth, but I know a few people who have always kept up with my blogs, and the feedback always warmed my soul. I don’t want to lose my ability to educate other mothers from afar or enlighten someone’s day by simply reading my content of work. Although it is nothing grand, it is my story after all, and I’m always more than willing to share my tips and tricks in anything I’m going through with a house full of children.

Hopefully, I can begin making updates to my website and allow myself the time to write because my creative juices are flowing with so much I want to share with you all. For now, I will leave anyone reading this far with updates on my life:

  1. I’m still working full-time in higher education. I’m back to the regular 9-5 job Monday through Friday. My summer schedule was wonderful because even though I worked ten hours Monday through Thursday, I had a three day weekend to look forward to.
  2. My oldest son started football this summer. So you can imagine how chaotic our weeks are now with his practices thrown in the mix and games on Sunday afternoons.
  3. My oldest daughter is starting soccer THIS coming Saturday, which is crazy to me. I look forward to watching her become involved in a contact sport.
  4. My three year old son is still not potty trained. Honestly, I decided to accept that maybe, just maybe, he is not ready. The idea of him needing to be trained in order to start pre-k does worry me though.
  5. My youngest daughter turned one in late July and has been potty learning. It wasn’t the plan to put her on a potty until she insinuated. It has been successful at only thirteen months of age so there’s that.
  6. I applied to grad school to begin my Master’s degree in Higher Education. I am due to start late October. I’m unsure how I’ll be able to juggle it all, but one class for eight weeks sounds doable.
  7. Big Drew and I have been looking at houses (mainly me) like crazy. We thought we found one before and placed a bid, but we backed out of that offer at the last minute. It wasn’t meant to be our forever home. So we’re still looking.
  8. It is my birthday next month, and I look forward to taking time off work and relaxing for a couple of days. I used to hate my birthdays, but now, I look forward to being another year older.

If you read this far, thank you and let me know either on here or send me a DM on Instagram. 🙂 I love when people surprise me with messages that they read something I posted. Those are the moments when I feel most inspired to continue writing and I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll return more frequently!

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