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Our Daughter’s Name Embroidery Hoop DIY Reveal

April 22, 2018

The day I found out the gender of my second child was the same day my fiancé announced to the family the name of our daughter.

By now, everyone on my social media accounts know her name is going to be Jade. I’m super late on writing these posts because I’ve had so many fun changes occur in my life, and I feel like I’m juggling a lot at the moment. Currently, I’m getting my hair done at the salon so I’m sitting under a hot drier as I type this because I’ll never get any other free time to do so.

So anyway, I searched days for the perfect name reveal! It took me nearly two weeks to come up with our gender reveal but an even longer time a reveal of her name to everyone. I wanted to go with the theme of her reveal, which was to have something sacred kept in her nursery for decor but a keepsake. In my mind, I already knew what I wanted, but I thought it was too expensive and that was going on etsy and buying a custom family name embroidery hoop. Don’t get me wrong– I love Etsy, and I support small businesses, but some things on the site are overpriced and I’m not down for that.

I saw the embroidery name hoops buyers were making, and they all looked so unique and vintage (my style right there), but I secretly knew with my awesome do-it-yourself skills, that I had the capability of making one myself. The only problem was 1. what floral pattern I wanted to recreate and 2. how to transfer that pattern to the fabric. It took days of research, but I figured it out, and it only took sixteen precious hours of my time! You’re probably thinking I’m crazy for spending so much time on a small project, but guess what? I did not spend fifty-sixty dollars like I would have if I simply had someone else do it for me. In fact, my supplies all cost under thirty dollars, and I can tell my daughter that I made her embroidery hoop and not some stranger.

Disclaimer: I’ve only ever sewn a couple pieces of thread together so I did not have any real experience going into this. I’m not a professional by any means. I just found the right site to demonstrate the work and get me going.

If you’re interested in this type of DIY project, continue reading because I will be posting every site I used, and those links deserve most of the credit.

I don’t think my floral name embroidery hoop would have looked as great as it did if it weren’t for the help of Cutesy Crafts. The creator of the site is named Jessica, so please check out her site because she is truly wonderful at her craft.

After search for the perfect pattern, I came across Jessica’s site and fell in love with her simple yet stunning flowers. I loved the stitch that I was pleased when I found out the pattern was free!

This was the floral embroidery pattern I followed, and if you subscribe to her website, she will send you the pattern for you to print out and begin stitching on a woven wheel.


Seven inch hoop

Natural linen fabric

Embroidery needles

DMC embroidery floss colors


For this, I went straight to youtube and was able to find Cutesy Crafts’ youtube page and followed along because she demonstrated how to properly make each stitch. I’m not going to lie, I have no idea how to begin explaining any of it, so I will post down below the video that helped me figure out what I would need and went from there. There are a total of eight videos to watch but each one was critical in recreating the look. I can not explain each stitch so starting with the first video down below and watching the ones to come after are going to be of immense help. Once you watch her videos, it will teach you everything you need to know to then make other patterns for fun or special occasions.

Now, if you’re wondering how I was able to just use Cutesy Crafts’ pattern but not the same word in the center, then I can explain that.



Carbon transfer paper


1. I had to buy carbon transfer paper, which is available at any fabric and craft store. I’ve never had to use this product before, but it was the best technique for this project. There is one side of the paper that is colored (black) and the other is blank (dull grey).

2. To use the pattern transfer method from carbon to fabric, you’ll have to place the colored carbon side on the fabric and then place the pattern face up over that.

3. The stencil is a great tool because the ballpoint tip will be used to trace each line in order to then transfer the pattern to the fabric. I had written Jade’s name on paper many times in the font of my choosing in order to get it to look how I wanted on the embroidery hoop.

4. Once I was done tracing, I removed the carbon paper and saw her name in the center of the hoop in light grey. It was now time to stitch her name up with embroidery floss in whatever color I chose. I intentionally chose a dark green because ‘Jade’ originates from a green gem stone.

The original embroidery name hoop that I choose to recreate:

Then the final result of how Jade’s floral embroidery name hoop turned out:

I hope you all enjoyed this DIY tutorial of an embroidery name hoop. Please follow the links for proper demonstration of each stitch on youtube, and I hope you loved this name reveal idea as much as I did! I got so many compliments. I did not honestly think it would turn out as imagined for a beginner, but when a momma is determined, wonderful results come from it.

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