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Outdoor Gender Reveal: Paint Balloons and Darts

April 22, 2018

Our family and friends have wanted to know for some time now whether Drew and I were expecting a little Boy or Girl! If you read View A Miracle, then you already know Drew was the only one who knew the gender of our baby.

He told me, “The sooner you come up with an idea, the quicker you’ll know what we’re having.” I looked up ideas on Pinterest and google for days, you guys. I did not like anything I saw.  Some of the ideas were played out like the balloons floating out of a box, throwing a party for family and friends (which we did do that with our first child already) or popping one big balloon. I wanted something more hands-on for my step-children to be involved in.

Our two other older children were my priority for this upcoming reveal because I wanted them to have fun finding out what the gender of their next sibling was going to be. The idea of popping balloons with darts on a canvas came to mind, and I quickly purchased the supplies.


Metal tip dart

Black balloons

Thin tip paint brush

16 x 20 white canvas

Blue, grey, and pink paint

Nickel plated thumb tacks


1. I started tracing on the white canvas the ‘He or She’ letters in pencil before I painted over them. If I made a mistake or didn’t like how the letters were drawn, I simply erased and tried again.

2. Once the letters were drawn to my liking, I began dipping my thin tip paint brush into the paint (blue first then pink). Originally the ‘or’ was suppose to be in grey, but I forgot to pick up that color at Michaels so I improvised and made each letter one of the gender colors, and I actually loved that look better. It is completely up to you though. I did three coatings of each color so the letters popped nicely by the end.

3. The letters did not take a long time to dry so Drew and I blew up black balloons. We had a total of nine balloons filled with air but only one had paint in it.

4. The balloons were held up on the canvas with tacks on the tips of the knotted balloons.

5. Our hope was to keep the center balloon filled with the paint but not let the kids know, and my fiancé squirted the gender reveal paint into the balloon before filling it up with air away from all of us. It was the last balloon to go up on the canvas even though it was placed in the center.

6. We hung the canvas on a tree bark in our back yard with a nail and it held up even on a windy day!

7. We had the kids take turns throwing the dart (make sure it is metal because a plastic tip won’t pop through a balloon) five feet away from the canvas.

8. My fiancé did the honors of popping the center balloon to reveal the pink paint for our soon-to-be baby girl!

It was fun involving the kids and having a canvas with splattered paint because it is now hanging on the wall in our nursery. Our daughter will one day see it and ask about it. We’ll all be able to tell her how we turned her gender reveal into a fun outdoor activity.

Please enjoy the photos down below:

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