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Top 4 Organic Baby Food Pouches

November 21, 2017

I’ve been giving Drew purees from pouches since he was six months old and now, he is a toddler consuming one pouch a day. Drew was exclusively nursed from the start, but at six months, I decided to introduce solids to him. However, let me start by saying baby food pouches (of any stage) are not replacement for real whole food. Trust me, every child needs to experience different textures in food’s natural form.
However, when I’m on the go, and I know Drew will want a snack, I can carry a pouch along with us (mess-free). I also appreciate how popular these food pouches have become because if we’re in a store and Drew is getting ready to throw a fit, I can pick up a pouch from one of the aisles, remove the cap, hand it over to him, and he instantly will get excited. So, I’ve purchased many, many, many (did I say many already?) food pouches from different brands and flavors. Of the many I’ve tried, I’ll recommend four brands that are my all-time favorite in no particular order.


Earth’s Best

  • Earth’s Best offers such a variety of organic second infant puree pouches for six months and older. I try to feed my son only organic products, and this company is committed to organically picked fruits and vegetables without any genetically engineered ingredients.
  • They are a certified company that I’ve grown to appreciate and admire because they care a lot about the quality of their products while also remaining eco-friendly for environmentally conscious parents.
  • As your baby grows into toddlerhood, Earth’s Best has even more foods mixed into one single pouch. As a side note, I must admit that I remain unsure if this is more harmful than beneficial for a child because if your little one has an allergic reaction, you won’t know which (if all) food your child is allergic to.
  • The brand is located in many local stores like Walmart, Target, Stop & Shop or Rite Aid and with good bundle deals.
    With every purchase (whether it has been a bundle or single pouch), I’ve never had a damaged or rotten product.


Plum Organics

  • Plum Organics offers an enormous variety of organic infant puree pouches for six months including the lines of Just Fruits, Eat Your Colors, and Second Blends. Just Fruits are perfect because each pouch has its own single fruit to introduce to your little one (the best way to learn if they will be allergic to any). Eat Your Colors line helps your little one experience the food with all of their senses such as a red pouch would encompass a blend of strawberries, apples, and rhubarb. Lastly, Second Blends is a stage two line that has a mixture of fruits and vegetables per pouch like banana, zucchini, and amaranth.
  • A certified company that is also organic in their practices and is being environmentally conscious such that their pouches have a smaller environmental footprint and uses less greenhouse gases during its lifecycle. As a side note (if you care), their pouches do not have a recyclable film just yet but they are working on it!
  • As your baby grows into toddlerhood, Plum Organics has even more choices for tots who can not resist a food pouch like my little one. My son is living for the Mighty 4 Blends line right now. They are very nutritious because each pouch offers a mixture of yogurt, oats, quinoa, vegetables, and or fruits.


Ella’s Kitchen

  • A unique and inspiring organic food company that prioritizes health and nutritional value.
  • Their first line called Ella’s One is perfect for first fruits that are helpful for learning exploration. Also, you can mix their first fruit flavors with everyday home ingredients like yogurt, rice cereal or oatmeal. The second stage called Ella’s Two food is all about organic fruits and veggies with no sugar or water added. There are more options. They follow the same trend as Plum Organics Eat Your Colors line when each pouch color corresponds with fruits and veggies of the same color.
  • They consider little ones on a special diet (vegetarian, vegan, and or lactose free) so they have a range of thirty-eight products to meet their needs! The products are still organic but their food is free from soy and peanuts for any parents out there looking.
  • I only find these at Target so they are not everywhere yet, but I’m hoping they expand their distribution so they can become more readily available for parents in need.



  • A small organic and environmentally-friendly company, ensuring their products are made in an energy-efficient location.
  • I love their use of pureeing their food before cooking to preserve flavor and nutrients. Their method of removing out air to not have to add artificial preservatives is intriguing because no other company allegedly does this (a patent maybe?).
  • A long range of different lines starting from the original simple organic fruits, to cereal on-the-go (oatmeal and multigrain), breakfast on-the-go, veggies on-the-go and fruits on-the-go.
  • Beech-Nut is located everywhere from Stop and Shop to Walmart, Target, Shop Rite, Walgreens and more. They might be a small company but they are in a lot of distribution stores.

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