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March 4, 2018

At 17 weeks and 6 days, Drew and I went to our obgyn specialist in hopes of finding out the gender of our second child. We agreed he would be the first to know the gender and the day of our reveal, I would find out with family and friends. It was his one request, and I knew it was important to him so I honored it. Unfortunately, at our appointment, they told us our anatomy scan would be preformed at twenty weeks. Well, we did not want to wait another three more weeks. The nurse recommended View A Miracle to confirm the gender sooner rather than later so we agreed to go there in the meantime.

Some friendly lady on the phone told me prior to my appointment, I would need a full bladder. When we arrived shortly after our doctor appointment, we were greeted by the sonographer and owner, Ms. Kayla. She knew we wanted the Peek-A-Boo, Pink-or-Blue Gender Reveal package which included the gender of our baby, a cd of unlimited 2D pictures, a listen on the baby’s heartbeat, a run through of the four chambers of the heart, kidneys, bladder, stomach, spine, and more. It was the perfect package for a twenty minute overall experience. The fifty dollars was worth it, but we also knew we’d experience it all over again with our doctor for a longer period of time at our twenty weeks appointment too.

When we pulled up to the house, I remember it looked exactly like described on Google, but it was much more gorgeous and welcoming in person. Inside, it was clean with Kayla, the owner, remaining very professional and friendly. There wasn’t anyone else waiting for their appointment so the environment felt cozy. During the actual session, Kayla had soothing music in the background, in keeping with the ambience, and being very thorough.

So, the first thing Kayla did was inform Drew of the gender. I closed my eyes, and she wrote the gender on the monitor screen for him to read to himself, and then he was given a printed sonogram photo of the gender. I appreciated the fact that she did not question why my fiancé would be the only one to know the gender of our baby. She was professional and said there would be no problems with our arrangement. Afterwards, I was told to empty out my bladder so we could continue with the session.

She showed us many parts of the baby’s body and then had us listen to the heartbeat. When Baby Drew was in the womb, I remember his heart rate was much higher than this baby, but his heartbeat sounded much more calmer. This baby, on the other hand, had a heart rate that was healthy, but it has always been very pronounced on the monitor.

I didn’t know Kayla was going to record the heartbeat and offer us a twenty second red heart recorder that would easily have the baby’s heartbeat stored forever. At the end of our session, I looked for an adorable stuffed animal and found a neutral, white and grey owl that I knew would match the nursery perfectly.

Isn’t it so cute? It will sit perfectly on our grey nursing chair.

If you plan on having a gender reveal party, I know Kayla can assist with that as well. There was a small shop for people to explore and buy keepsakes that were super adorable. Like I said, we just bought the stuffed owl for our nursery, but there are so many more things to choose from. I highly recommend View A Miracle to anyone because it was truly a wonderful experience for us.

Now, if you are wondering if this post will have the announcement of the gender since it is written a couple days after our session took place then nope! We will announce this week in a very fun way so please stay tuned for that.

So for now, enjoy one of the sonogram photos Kayla gave me. The rest are on a cd that I am not allowed to view because there are photos of the baby’s genitals.

Now, if you are an expecting mother and your doctor wants you to wait until your twenty week anatomy scan then please look for a private ultrasound clinic that charges a small fee to find out the gender (if you are looking to know earlier). I know how frustrating it can be to have to wait so long, but that is why people like Kayla exist. Please check your closest private ultrasound clinic and give them a call.



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